Using the Cinema 4D Collision Deformer in a 2D Workflow

In this tutorial I’m going to explore a few of the many uses of the Cinema 4D Collision Deformer and show you how you can achieve a ‘squash & stretch’ animation without adding any keyframes!  The Collision Deformer is super powerful and allows you to emulate types of animations that would traditionally be created by using Softbody Dynamics.  The Collision Deformer allows you to define an object that will collide into and deform, smashing or pushing the geometry of the object that has the collision deformer applied to it.  I’ll show you how to use the collision deformer along with others to create some fun animations that lends itself to a lot of experimentation!   I’ll even dive into some brief Cappuccino to record my movement in the viewport as keyframes! All that and much more in this jam packed tutorial!

If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!

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