Using Sketch Style Tags in Cinema 4D

Continuing on the Sketch and Toon tutorial theme, this tutorial covers Sketch Style Tags, what they are, what they do, and how to make them your best friend in your Sketch and Toon workflow in Cinema 4D. I’ll start off by going over what you’re presented with when you first set up a Sketch and Toon scene and how to blow past the defaults and take control over your S&T creations. Sketch Style Tags basically work similarly to Material Tags only are much deeper and give you total control over what Sketch Material is applied and what Line Styles are added to individual objects.

I mention some of my previous tutorials on Sketch And Toon and Cel Shader that you should check out first so you have a good foundation for the basics of both of those subjects and you’ll be well equipped to dive into a specific tool inside of Sketch and Toon.

To learn how I recreated this line art style of illustration in Cinema 4D,check out my Creating Line Art Animations Using Sketch and Toon tutorial.

Also to learn how I used Cel Shader for the flat 2D shading, check out this tutorial about using the Cel Shader to create Illustrative Style Animations.


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