Using Kitbash3D Models to Build a Space Colony in Cinema 4D with Octane Render

In this Octane Render for Cinema 4D tutorial, David Ariew will teach you how to texture, assemble, light, and integrate Kitbash3D space colony buildings into a Mars environment.  Use offer code ARIEVBASH to get 15% off any Kitbash3D models!

Helpful Links David mentioned:

NASA 3D Models


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What You’ll Learn in These Videos:

In this Cinema 4D Octane Render & Kitbash3D tutorial, we’ll learn how to retexture the buildings and ensure they’re looking their best in Octane, as well as assembling them like legos into bigger complexes. Then we’ll take them into our environment from last week and integrate them by making sure they’re the right scale and distance from camera, as well as manipulating the landscape to match building placement. Next, we’ll add lots of visible point lights to the buildings, ambient lights for atmosphere, and rim lights to catch edges, as well as astronauts and sci-fi vehicles. Finally, we’ll put the finishing touches on the render and explore a night option for the scene.

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