Tips for Compositing Cinema 4D Renders into Footage Using After Effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn a few tips and tricks to help composite Cinema 4D 3D renders into footage using Adobe After Effects!

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Topics covered include:

• Quickly setting up our 3D object in Cinema 4D, matching lighting, camera view of our footage.
• Discussing imperfections you may find in video footage and how to apply those imperfections to your 3D footage
• Color correcting your 3D render to match the colors in your video footage
• Completing a full comp color grade to help unify the 3D render and footage
• Adding vignettes to lead a viewers eye to the hero of the scene

If you have any questions about Tips for Compositing Cinema 4D Renders into Footage in After Effects, post them in the comments section!  If you create anything using this technique, be sure to share it with me on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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