Node Fest ’18 Talk – Cinema 4D R20 Tutorial Remix

Had the incredible honor to be invited to speak at Node Fest ’18 in Melbourne, Australia!  I took the opportunity to talk about the ever changing industry of mograph, how new technology and software advances play a role in the commoditization of mograph, and how to put yourself in the right mindset to succeed.  I then demonstrate how Cinema 4D R20’s new feature set has made what used to be very difficult become accessible by showing some of my older tutorials and remixing them with R20.  Massive thanks to MAXON, Yes Captain, and HelloLuxx for putting on this amazing event and inviting me to speak!

You Will Learn:

• How to be successful in the age of mograph commodification
• How to use Mograph Fields to Trigger Animation
• Workflows Using Mograph Fields to Create a Transparency Effector
• Ways to Create Mesh Morphs with Mograph Fields
• How to use Jiggle Deformers & Fields for Melting Effects

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Watch my Cinema 4D R20 Volume Modeling Tutorial on Youtube

If you have any questions about C4D Fields, Volumes, or anything in this talk, post them in the comments section!  If you created any cool animations using any of these workflows, be sure to share it with me TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!

Watch My Talk:

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