MAXON NAB 2014 Rewind

This years NAB was a blast!  Thanks to all who made it great and thanks to everyone who made the trip out to actually watch some of our presentations live!  It was amazing to hang out with all of the people that make the tools that make our jobs fun along with having the honor of presenting with talented artists for MAXON for the third year in a row!  If you haven’t seen the presentations yet, all of the Cinema 4D NAB 2014 sessions are now up on Cineversity here:

MAXON NAB Rewind 2014

This years speakers included many heavy hitters in the mograph world including:

Nick Campbell, Casey Hupke, Rob Garrott, Josiah Taylor, Jeremy Cox, Kevin Aguirre, Donovan Keith, Andy Needham, Athanasios Pozantzis, Michael Delaneymyself, and many more!

In my presentation, I break down three projects covering the many handy tools in Cinema4D including • Rigid Body Dynamics, Xrefs, and the Mograph Time Effector for the LA Kings • Hair Shader, Tracer, Jiggle Deformer, Vertex Maps, Cloth, Mesh Deformer, Cel Shader, Rigid and Softbody Dynamics for Chick-Fil-A •  Mograph Inheritance Effector, Shader Effector, Camera Morph, and Volumetric Lights for CSC.