How to Use the Jiggle Deformer for Cloth Simulations in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I’m going to further expound on the virtues of the amazingly awesome Cinema 4D Jiggle Deformer and how you can use it for cloth simulations.  First, I’ll show you an example of things you can create like my metal cloth animation as well as how you can use it for more practical things like a cloth banner or flag as I’ll demonstrate in this tutorial.  By using the Jiggle Deformer falloff, I’ll discuss how you can use the falloffs and even weight maps to act like Cloth Belts so you can control which parts of your geometry get cloth like simulations applied to it and which don’t.  Jiggle deformer is just plain fun!  Enjoy!

If you have any questions be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create any jiggly cloth action, be sure to share it with me!  Thanks for watching!

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