Intro to the Mograph Shader Effector in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, you’ll get an intro to the Mograph Module’s Shader Effector in Cinema 4D and why you should probably never use the Random Effector ever again!

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Topics covered include:

• Differences between Random Effector and the Shader Effector
• The many benefits of using the Shader Effector
• Using Mograph Color Shader to color clones
• Using an image to apply materials to clones
• Using the Loop Period to easily loop noise
• Using Physical Camera to create depth of field blur and Chromatic Abberation
• Adding Glows
If you have any questions about the Mograph Shader Effector in Cinema 4D, post them in the comments section!  If you create any cool HUD elements using this technique, be sure to share it with me on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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  1. Thomas Donaldson

    Hey EJ,

    I watched the tutorial and I was sold on the idea that Shader was the best for random effects. So I decided to give this method a try, but I went right back to the random effector. The problem I was having is that the shader effector doesn’t really do true random well. It seems to me it does random in a certain direction or more of a uniform random. I couldn’t get the objects to be random individually of eachother. It seemed like the whole body of the object were being pushed in one direction or the other (positively or negatively), but not both. I couldn’t get things to spread out. The objects that are next to eachother are too similar. Also rotation was too uniform. If I wanted to get more of a random I had to jack up the values to 600+, but then when I turned the strength down to get them back in place they have to whip through 600 to 0.

    I’d like to use the shader effector since it seems to be more powerful, but to me, it is better only in certain circumstances rather than “should probably never use the Random Effector ever again” or am I missing something? I just couldn’t replicate the random effector look, let alone once I decreased in strength in the effector. I stacked noises types, played with contrast and scales of the noises, added falloff. Adjusted the Min and Max, but to no avail.


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