Intro to Mechanical IK Rigging in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial you’ll get an intro intro Mechanical IK rigging and animating in Cinema 4D!

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Topics covered include:

• The differences between FK (Forward Kinematics) and IK (Inverse Kinematics)
• Setting up the correct object hierarchy for rigging
• Introduction to the IK Tag and IK Goals & Poles
• Learning about Freeze Transformations & Reset PSR
• Using the Constraint Tag ‘Up Vector’ option
• Utilizing the Protection Tag to prevent unwanted movements
• Animating springy movement using the Constraint Tag ‘Spring’ option

If you have any questions about Mechanical IK Rigging in Cinema 4D, post them in the comments section! If you create anything using this technique, be sure to share it with me on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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  1. Hi EJ. Thank you for sharing this great insight into IK rigging. Ive only just got started with it all during our current lockdown so wanted to get the most from this time. I was wondering though if you could possibly share your file (if you still have it?) as im following the tutorial to the letter but dont get the same result. When I add the contraint tag and set it to up it takes what ive got in place at the mo (a cylinder object turned on its side) and switches the orientation of the cylinder itself. Ive payed around with making the cylinder editable etc and trying to get round it by rotating the axis but its working then for one thing but not the whole thing. Could you advise? Thanks.


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