Intro to 3D Sculpting with ZBrush & Cinema 4D

Learn the basics of sculpting in Z­Brush after a short introduction to sculpting in Cinema 4D, with motion designer Dave Glanz!

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You Will Learn:

• How to create a simple base mesh using volumes in #Cinema4D.
• The basics of sculpting in C4D.
• How to get started with Zbrush 2018
• How to start sculpting, the basics of Zbrush’s tool, Sub­tool, Dynamesh, and Brush System.
• How to start sculpting a cartoon squirrel!

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If you have any questions about anything in this tutorial or have any requests for other sculpting tutorials, post them in the comments section and reach out to David on Twitter!  If you created any cool models using any of these workflows, be sure to share it with me TwitterInstagram, Facebook, or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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