How to Create Bubble or Balloon Text in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can easily create bubble or balloon type inside of Cinema 4D.  We will start off by using a MoText object and turn it into fun, bubbly, cartoony type!  Then I’ll show you how you can take it even further by using Soft Body Dynamics Pressure settings to make it look like your type is inflating or even deflating like a balloon.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!

Learn how to Inflate or Deflate Bubble Type


Be sure to check out my course where I show you how to animate this type of cartoony balloon type using Jiggle Deformers in Cinema 4D!

Creating a Bouncy Cartoon Logo in Cinema 4D



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