How to Animate On Sketch & Toon Stroke Lines in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I’ll be covering how you can animate on your line art outlines made with Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon.  First I’ll go over how you can easily animate on your objects using the Mograph Module and effectors.  Then I’ll demonstrate how you can have the lines generated by Sketch & Toon draw or animate on using it’s Draw options.  I’ll show some of the things you need to know to have full control over how they draw on as well as providing a few tips on how to avoid some common issues that may occur using the Draw options like lines randomly popping on and off during the animation.

I cover Sketch Style Tags in this tutorial and you can get more in depth information about them in my Sketch Style Tag tutorial.

If you make something, be sure to share it!  Only one way to get better at your craft and that’s to keep on creating!


  1. Hi EJ,

    I recently stepped in to 3D flat isometric stuff watching your tutorials. Was doing the normal 2D stuff all these years. I encountered problem after following your tutorial. Please have a look at the MOV and c4D file attached in the below link. (Just 3 mob zip file)

    Everything is fine except the outline of one of the animated shape (a cube) stays on screen from first frame itself. Appreciate if you can find a solution on how to get rid of the lines and let it just appear only when its cube starts animating.

    I tried all what i could. But nothing worked.

    Thanks in Advance,



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