Eyedesyn Live Design: Modeling a Character in Cinema 4D

Trying something new here and decided to give live streaming a go!  I did a few test casts last week and I have to say I really like the format of a live stream and I’ve been getting great feedback thus far. Live streaming is way less formal than a tutorial and more conversational, especially when people in chat get involved and ask questions and even provide answers in the case of this live stream! The benefit of this live format is it allows viewers a bigger window into my thought process and my problem solving when attempting to model this little bull character.  I’m admittedly not a very good modeler, but I learned quite a few things during this modeling exercise and I hope you learn something watching my workflow and my process in modeling this character!  Enjoy parts 1 and 2 of these modeling live casts!

What do you think? Should I do more of these? Anything you would change? Let me know how you like these live design streams and if you’d like to see more!

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Live Recording Part 01:

Live Recording Part 02: