Creating a 3D Animated Cursive Logo in Cinema 4D Lite


In this exclusive Cineversity tutorial series, we’re going to learn how to create and manipulate Splines and get an introduction to Sweep Objects to create a 2D cel shaded style 3D cursive logo animation using Cinema 4D Lite.  Then, you’ll discover how to easily apply cel shading to their objects to turn their objects into 2D elements using a few of the versatile tools inside C4D Lite.  Then, I’ll give you little introduction into animating in Cinema 4D; covering keyframe creation, manipulation, and using the Timeline, all the while relating it with terms and techniques familiar to how one would animate using After Effects.  Finally, I’ll cover how easy it is to seamlessly composite your 3D C4D Lite project with 2D effects in After Effects using Cineware, a live bridge between C4D Lite and After Effects.  This course will help give After Effects users, or anyone new to Cinema 4D, the perfect starting point to begin becoming familiar with integrating Cinema 4D into their 2D pipeline.  Let’s play with some 3D!

How to Create a Cursive Logo Using Splines

In this video we’ll create our cursive logo using the Spline tools inside Cinema 4D Lite.

Using Sweep Object to Create Cursive Logo Geometry

In After Effects, a path without a fill or stroke applied to it will not render in your composition.  Similarly, in Cinema 4D Lite, a spline will not render until you use another object to generate 3D geometry with it.  In this video, we’ll cover how we generate 3D geometry from our cursive splines using a Generator Object called Sweep Objects.

Giving Z Depth to Splines

Since we’re working in 3D space, we can add Z depth to our spline by adjusting our spline points in Z space.

Add 2D Cel Materials to Cursive Logo

Now to add some color to our 3D cursive logo by apply 2D cel style shading using what’s called the Lumas Shader.

Animating the Cursive Logo

With our cursive logo looking good with our cel shading applied, we’ll utilize some of the options inside our Sweep Objects to animate our cursive logo onto the screen.

Render Settings for Cineware & AE Compositing

Now that you made a fun 2D style cursive logo animation in Cinema 4D Lite, it’s time to prep it for being composited in After Effects.

What’s in the Full Version of Cinema 4D?

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of what Cinema 4D has to offer, the Broadcast and Studio versions include a deformer called Spline Wrap that can take any piece of geometry and wrap it along a spline, opening up a ton of possibilities when it comes to create cursive logos.

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