Creating Line Art Animations Using Cinema 4D Lite, Cineware, and After Effects

This one is for all of you Cinema 4D Lite users! In this tutorial, I’ll reboot my previous tutorial on how I used Sketch and Toon to create line art in C4D. But this time I created an alternate method just for those of you out there who don’t own a full version of Cinema 4D and just have the Lite version that comes for free with After Effects CC and CC 2014. I’ll walk you through the workflow of how to apply strokes to edges of geometry using only the tools available in Cinema 4D Lite. Since a lot of line art is made from basic geometric shapes, the tools available to those who only have Cinema 4D Lite work well to recreate this style of illustration in a 3D space. I’ll then show you how take the color version of your line art C4D file and your outlined version and composite them inside After Effects using Cineware. I touch on some of the basics of Cinema 4D that you need to understand for this technique to work and hopefully get you interested in learning more about Cinema 4D!

If you have any questions, be sure to post them below!  I’ll do my best to try help any of you that are new to Cinema 4D!  Also please share what you make using this workflow, I always love to see what you create!  Have fun!