Using The Matte Object to Render an Object Buffer in Cinema 4D

In this Cinema 4D quick tip, I’ll be going over the Matte Object.  This feature is crucial for when you realize you accidentally forgot to set an Object Buffer in your scene after you rendered everything.  We’ve all been there, right?  I’ll show you why using the Matte Object beats the other mainstream way of “faking” an object buffer with creating materials with black and white luminance channels and, of course, why it’s not smart at all resorting to re-rendering the entire animation just because you forgot to set an Object Buffer.

If you want a powerful plug-in that takes everything in this tutorial and automates it, check out Quick Matte Pro!  Quick Matte Pro plug-in that I teamed up with an amazing plug-in developer, AJ Haines, that is essential for an optimized and fast workflow and will change the way you work in Cinema 4D!  Set your mattes, add object buffers, and add every single object buffer in your scene to your multipass render settings with just a single click!

Learn more about Plug-in “Quick Matte Pro for Cinema 4D”


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