Using Cappuccino to Create Realtime Animation & Keyframe Reduction Techniques in Cinema 4D

In this new Cinema 4D 101 tutorial, I’ll be going over a more than likely untouched feature inside of Cinema 4D called Cappuccino.  It’s mainly used in conjunction with character animating, so unless you do a lot of that, I’m sure the only cappuccino you know is the hot, tasty kind.  But there are so many other useful uses for it!

So what does it do?  Cappuccino is simply a method of recording mouse movement in your viewport and converts it to keyframe data just like using Motion Sketch inside of After Effects!  Used creatively, it can be extremely useful!

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you multiple ways to use Cappuccino to easily add movement to an object, create a “write-on” effect, and ability to keyframe dynamics simulations live and interactively in your scene as you the simulation play out.  I’ll also go over some simple keyframe reduction techniques.