Camera Mapping Textures Onto Fracture & Cloner Objects in Cinema 4D

This is kind of an intro to Camera Mapping if you’ve never used it before.  In this tutorial, I show you how I used camera mapping to make a texture stick to a group of objects and create a transition like in the teaser.
  1. Hi Edward,

    nice tuts, very helpful for sure…

    one piece of advice, at 13:00, when you make a second shader effector, you can resume the new sets of parameters with one single clic button, just go to the Falloff tab and clic the “invert” button of the linear fallof. Another thing very useful, take advantage of the Orientation dropdown menu to orient the Falloff of your effectors, much more convenient than to rotate the whole effector each time.

    Keep up buddy, tuts are the ultimate share for knowledge on the web 😉

    Peace & sparkles

  2. I’m using Cinema 4D Studio 13 and I’m not able to get the textures to stick on a cloner object. I tried a few times to do this and just can’t seem to make it work as you have in the video. I recreated what you had in your example and once I make the cloner object editable and copy the cube objects into the fracture object, the camera mapping is still there (which makes the texture slip). Were you getting a UVW mapping applied automatically when you made the cloner object editable?

    Also curious if this was something that unfortunately changed in V13? What version did you do this in?

    Thanks for the tutorial. Great technique. Now I need to make it work on my end. 🙂

  3. Got it figured out. After watching this video it seems a step was missing.
    Looks like I needed to make the cube editable before dragging the material down. Then make the cloner object editable which generates texture tags for each cube. The the step I was missing was that you have to DELETE ALL THE UVW TAGS that were generated, SELECT ALL THE TEXTURE TAGS, and finally right click and select GENERATE UVW COORDINATES.
    I didn’t see that step in your video, so hopefully this will help a few people. Thanks again for the video man. Great technique.


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