Sketch & Toon Model Pack v.02


  • 33 Sketch & Toon Ready C4D Models
  • Over 115 Cel Shader Materials

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Product Description

Dive into the world of 2D inside of Cinema 4D with Sketch & Toon Model Pack v.02

The pack is back!  Sketch & Toon Model Pack v.02 includes over 30 MORE C4D models that are 100% ready for use in Sketch & Toon!  Like Pack v.01, each model includes 2D Cel Shader textures and scene elements such as cameras, lights, and backgrounds.  Not only that, but a good chunk of these models are fully animated!  As an added bonus, there’s 85 Sketch & Toon material shaders for you to use for your own models or to apply new materials to the models in this pack!  To use the models in this pack, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the models into your viewport or into the provided Sketch & Toon Studio scene preset and that’s it!  While these models were built and optimized specifically for use with Sketch & Toon, these are full blown 3D models that you can use not only just with Sketch & Toon but in any normal 3D workflow!  That means you can use these models and apply normal 3D diffuse, reflective textures used in a typical 3D workflow.  Scroll below to see everything that comes with this pack!

33 Sketch & Toon Ready C4D Models & 85 Materials

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What’s Included?

Included is over 30 3D models optimized for use with the Sketch & Toon Module, but you can use these models for any workflow just as normal 3D models that you can light and texture any way you would like!  That’s 33 3D models for only $30!  That’s less than $1 per model!



Version Compatibility & Cinema 4D Lite

The 3D models in this pack are compatible with any version of Cinema 4D but to use these models with Sketch & Toon module, you will need Cinema 4D R13 (Visualize, or Studio version) and above.  Sketch & Toon rendering module is only included in those versions of Cinema 4D.



Pack includes:

• Airplane • Book (Fully animated) • Building (Type 1) • Building (Type 2) • Building (Type 3) • Can • Car • Cargo Ship • Cheese • Computer Monitor • Figure • Forklift (Fully animated) • Game Boy • Helicopter • Ice Cream • iPhone • Microphone (Fully animated)
• Milk Carton • Paint Brushes • Palm Tree • Pencil • Plane
• Rolling Pin • Shopping Bag (Fully animated) • Suitcase (Fully animated) • Sword (Fully animated) • Teddy Bear • Thumbs Up (Fully animated) • Tricycle • Trophy • Wacom Pen • Wine Glass • Xbox