Laurel Wreath


  • Mograph ready
  • Materials are included
  • Includes an FBX, .3DS and an .OBJ file

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Product Description

You are all winners!  Here’s a free Laurel Wreath that is used to signify victory and achievement that you’ll probably recognize from it being used for many film awards such as Sundance. This model is Mograph ready, so you’ll be able to easily animate on the individual leaves with effectors!  Materials are included.  This file is compatible with R12 & above and I also included an FBX, .3DS and an .OBJ file for those with R11 and below or any other 3D software.  And an added bonus, a C4D and OBJ format that is After Effects and Element ready, so you can use this inside of After Effects and with VideoCopilots’ “Element” plugin!

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