Cel Shader Studio Sample Pack


  • 10 Cel Shader Studio Materials
  • Drag & Drop Ready
  • C4D Lite Compatible

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Product Description

Enjoy this FREE sample of 10 high quality cel shader materials that works with ALL versions of Cinema 4D, even Cinema 4D Lite! That’s right, you do NOT need Sketch & Toon!  This is a selection of 10 of over 900 cel shader materials that comes with Cel Shader Studio!  Learn more about Cel Shader Studio below and check out every single one of the over 900 materials that comes in the pack!  Download 10 FREE cel shader materials now! Full Cel Shader Studio Features:
  • Over 900 Procedural Cel Shader Materials
  • Allows for cel shading styles that would previously only be achievable with Sketch & Toon renderer
  • C4D Lite & Cineware Compatible (No Sketch & Toon required)
  • The Ultimate, Never Buy or Make Another Cel Shader Pack
  • Drag & Drop Ready Materials
  • Massive Variety of Cel Styles, Patterns & Effects
  • Organized Categories for Easy Searching
  • Mix & Match Stroke Outlines, Specular, Shadow, and Halftone Overlays
  • Wood, Paint, Stone, and Grunge Styles Included

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