Cinema 4D VR Camping Scene


  • Fully Animated C4D Scene File
  • Requires CV-VRCam Download from Cineversity
  • Protected Under Creative Commons

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Product Description

VR_camping Turning your Cinema 4D scenes into interactive VR videos has never been easier!  I created a camping scene and used  CV-VRCam from Cineversity to turn my C4D project into VR that you can interact with on Youtube and Google Cardboard.  Being able to put yourself right in the middle of one of your animations is an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to try it once and you’ll be hooked!  I am giving away this camping project file away under Creative Commons for you to play with and see how I set it up, have you add elements to and build off what I have and enter the world of VR!

**IMPORTANT**  To be able to render to VR format you must first download CV-VRCam from Cineversity & sign up for a membership to be able to create a VR render from this scene.

Download CV-VRCam at Cineversity

If you create a VR scene, I’d love to see it so share it with me on Twitter or Facebook!  Enjoy!