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  • Sort It™ for After Effects

    • Finally Able to Group Layers in AE
    • Easily Manage Cluttered Comps w/ Layer Groups & Layer Solo
    • Adds the Powerful C4D Layer Manager to AE
    • Quickly Select & Control Multiple Layer Properties w/ Layer Groups
    • Toggle Layer Group Visibility, Effects & More
    • Child Layer Groups Inherit Parent Layer Groups Attributes
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  • Boil It™ for After Effects

    • Save time applying boil effect in one click
    • Full control of boil speed, strength, size & more
    • Link/Unlink boil properties for layer level control
    • Disable/enable boil effects for optimal RAM preview speed
    • Includes 9 animated C4D Lite models
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  • Shade It™ for After Effects

    • Apply animated grain as an effect with one click
    • Shared Controllers for easy effect editing
    • Define Light Source Layers for light angle control
    • Easily Copy/Paste and Delete Grain
    • Includes 9 fully animated C4D Lite models
    • Dockable UI
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  • Wiggle It™ for After Effects

    • Save time Randomizing Any Layer or Effect Parameter w/ a Single Click (even color!)
    • Apply unique random animation to 100’s of layers at once
    • Keyframeable Amplitude & Frequency
    • Easily loop, oscillate, or posterize movements
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  • Pixelate It™ for After Effects

    • Pixelate your animations w/ 1 click
    • New ‘Deflicker’ tool removes dancing pixels for perfect pixel animations
    • Perfectly square pixels regardless of comp dimensions
    • Add/Remove/Disable Pixelate & Deflicker effects
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