Topics covered include
Cinema 4D, Dynamics


It’s Week 2 of my 5 week long 5 Day Mograph challenge series on!  This weeks challenge is all about the art of keyframing; breathing life and character into even a simple sphere through animation. The overarching theme will be Animation Fundamentals and what terms like “Easy Ease, Squash & Stretch, and Timing & Spacing” mean and why they’re important.  You’ll learn about the most important animation fundamentals that will beef up your knowledge and understanding of what makes an animation look good and why. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to every single animation you create in the future. Many people who perhaps didn’t go to school for animation, like myself, were not necessarily taught these principles and needed to figure them out all on their own. This Animation Fundamentals challenge will help to build your skills from the ground up each and every day! I invite anyone who wants to sharpen their animation skills, learn new ones, or just needs a little extra inspiration in order to create to take on these challenges! How these challenges will work is every weekday I’ll present a theme and you’ll then create a short animated GIF based on that theme. There are 5 weeks to this challenge and the schedule is as follows: Week 1: 08/03/15 Week 2: 08/17/15 Week 3: 08/31/15 Week 4: 09/21/15 Week 5: 10/05/15

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VERY IMPORTANT! These challenges are completely FREE and open to subscribers for the week of release up until the release of the next challenge.  For example, the Week 2 challenge will be open the week of 08/17/15 and close 08/31/15 when the Week 3 challenge beings so be sure to join in & watch the challenge videos during the week of that challenges release up until the days leading up to the next challenge.  If you’re a subscriber you can join in at any time! When you’re finished with your animation, please share it on social media using the hashtag #5DayMograph and post it to the challenges Tumblr page: Need more convincing? Here is why daily creation is so important: 1. It expands your creativity by training your brain to find creative solutions to daily design problems & at the same time making those decisions quickly! That translates to being able to handle inevitable tight client deadlines! 2. It gives you an opportunity to try a new technique or style that you may not get the chance to in your normal work day 3. Beef up your demo reel! This is a perfect opportunity to add more work to your reel & show off what you can do 4. Creating work means you can show it off! You won’t learn what’s good or bad design until you share your work and see what people think. You won’t learn that well in a vacuum. 5. Daily challenges will teach you commitment & perseverance. Everyone who is good at design & animation is a former noob, but they didn’t get to be good at their craft overnight. Every day you’ll make small improvements that over time become large improvements! Did I convince you yet? Ready to join in?

Join the 5 Day Mograph Challenge

You won’t become an amazing animator overnight, it takes time to craft great animations so let’s drop some keyframes!

Watch the video:

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