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Cinema 4D, MoGraph

The Inheritance Effector is probably one of the most underrated and underutilized effectors in the effector menu.  In part one of my Inheritance Effector tutorial, I show you how you can trigger or offset keyframed animation applied to an object that you cloned and offsetting the animation with falloffs.  This is just touching the very surface of what this effector can do!

Inheritance Effector Tutorial Part 2

Inheritance Effector Tutorial Part 3

Have you used the Inheritance Effector before?  If so, what for and how have you used it?

Topics covered include
Cinema 4D

Ever been wanting center crosshairs in your Cinema 4D viewport like you have in After Effects? Having that center crosshair is a huge help when making sure your composition is centered.  Watch my quick tip tutorial to see my simple solution.

Download the Crosshairs Photoshop file

[UPDATE:  Maxon saw my tutorial and actually created a plug-in that adds a crosshairs to your viewport, but you can only get it unless you’re a member of Cineversity.  You can find it here.]

Topics covered include
After Effects, Cinema 4D, MoGraph

Add a nice chiseled look to your text in Cinema 4D with this tutorial.  As I note in the video, the basic technique is the same across every font, letter, and even logos, but each one has it’s a unique way to get to the end result.  Here I show you the basics of how you can achieve this look for whatever text or logo you are working with.

If you have any questions or requests of how to do this effect on a logo or some other font, please leave them in the comment section.

Topics covered include
After Effects, Cinema 4D

Don’t be limited by the Convex, Linear, and Engraved Filet Cap edges in MoType anymore. In my first ever tutorial, I show you how to use a different fast and easy method to unlock more potential in your text designs in Cinema 4D.

Check out my preset based off this tutorial, Text Edge Pro, here!


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Finally got around to putting out my 2012 (more like 2011) reel. This is a collection of what I’ve been hard at work on over the past year or so. I’ve got to say in 2011 I learned a lot, worked on some of the coolest projects yet, and met a ton of very cool people in the industry, and 2012 is looking to be even better year! I appreciate all of you who have visited my newly update blog over the past few months and I hope you’ll stay tuned in the coming weeks and months. I plan on putting out some Cinema 4D tutorials and some more free stuff! Here’s to 2012! Keep on learnin and hustlin!

Topics covered include
Cinema 4D

While working on recent project, my buddy had an issue with way too many objects with way too many compositing tags. He wanted to figure out a way to be able to solo all the objects with compositing tags on them. We all got to the point where we could go to the Filter Window and select all the compositing tags, but not the objects the compositing tags were applied to.

Make sure you select one of the compositing tags in the Object Manager first before you go to the Filter window and Right-Click “Select All Compositing”.  From that point, it’s as simple as hitting the Up Arrow which takes you from the Tag level in the Attributes window to the Object level Attributes window.  From there you create a Layer, drag and drop that layer to the Object layer property, then go to the Layer window and hit the circle on the far left, which is the solo function.  Viola!

Simple solution to a complex issue!

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