Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using Mograph to Create a ‘Transparency Effector’


In this Cinema 4D quick tip, I will be going over how you can use Mograph Effectors to change the transparency of objects.  I’ll demonstrate how you can use effectors to fade on or off MoText objects letter by letter.  You can also use this technique to affect transparency of any object that you can apply an effector to, like placing them inside a Cloner Object or Fracture Object.  I’ve made the project file available to download, showing how you can get it to work using a Fracture Object to apply the effectors.

Download C4D Project File

Check out my other quick tip going over how to get a 2D transparency effect on this animation here.

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Cinema 4D Quick Tip 05: Using The Matte Object When Forgetting to Render an Object Buffer

Matte Object

In this Cinema 4D quick tip, I’ll be going over the Matte Object.  This feature is crucial for when you realize you accidentally forgot to set an Object Buffer in your scene after you rendered everything.  We’ve all been there, right?  I’ll show you why using the Matte Object beats the other mainstream way of “faking” an object buffer with creating materials with black and white luminance channels and, of course, why it’s not smart at all resorting to re-rendering the entire animation just because you forgot to set an Object Buffer.



My buddy AJ Haines just released a nice plug-in that lets you do exactly what I go over in this tutorial with a single click of a button. Check it out along with his other Cinema 4D resources on his website!

Download AJ’s C4D Plug-in “Quick Matte”

Decoder Text Reveal Effect Using Cinema 4D Effectors

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create the “Decoder Fade In” text reveal just like the text preset from After Effects inside of Cinema 4D using mograph effectors. There’s a couple ways to achieve this and both ways are quite simple. The hardest part is the initial tedious set up, but I’ve provided a Cinema 4D scene file that saves you the initial work!

Download C4D Project File

Check out my quick tip demonstrating how to fade on Motext with mograph effectors here.