So who am I?  I’m a multi-Emmy winning freelance motion design artist based out of the Mile High city of Denver, CO.  And I loves me some 2D style animations made in the world of 3D.

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, I come from a family of designers.  My father and uncle are both Art Directors for broadcast news stations and my mother is a doctor.  Since I can’t handle the sight of blood, I opted to make pretty pictures for a living.  My love for art started back when I was younger playing the heck out of Mario Paint for SNES and drawing anime all the time and even on desks at school, much to the chagrin of my teachers.

Considering I probably couldn’t make money creating crappy anime drawings on desks, I decided to grab a Fine Arts major at Slippery Rock University.  There I learned traditional art, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photograph (the in the darkroom, sniffing chemicals kind of photography), and graphic design.  Learning Photoshop was the extent of my digital art learning experience in school, so I had to teach myself animation and 3D.  It was a huge help that my dad allowed me to intern at NBC, where he was art director, to have the opportunity to learn more about Photoshop and After Effects.  From there I got a job at ABC in Washington DC where I had the opportunity to teach myself C4D.  Striving to learn more everyday & working hard on nights and weekends to gain clients, I decided after about 8 years of full-time work to take the jump to freelance and been loving every moment of it.

I started Eyedesyn because of the fact that I wouldn’t be where I am right now unless there was enough people willing to give up their knowledge for free online.  I wanted to give back in some way and create tutorials that were accessible to anyone of any level of experience.  I have a path unlike many designers out there, I didn’t learn 3D or animation in school, I never joined a big design studio, I never worked on big national spots and had to work hard to teach myself to get to where I am at today.  Because of my non-traditional design background, I hope to bring a different perspective to training and design.  Through speaking, I’ve discovered there’s a lot of us out there who have similar backgrounds and are self taught.  Pretty encouraging, right?

Through this blog I aim to help designers realize their potential and get into the mindset of making learning a lifelong habit.  Outside of this blog, I also teach as a author where I create project based motion design courses.   Check out my available course offerings with a FREE 10 day trial membership.  In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and talk design through speaking at conferences like NAB, Adobe Video World, and numerous events.  Even ones in all the way in Japan!  Dream come true!

And what else…I’m a beer geek, my design assistant is a pug named Gus, my day does not start until I’ve had my cold brew coffee, and have a bad case of the travel bug.