Essential Animation Quick Tips for Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I’ll be sharing some quick tips to help you be a better animator in Cinema 4D. For those of you coming from After Effects, I’ll relate some of the important animation techniques you probably use very often in After Effects and how they can be done in Cinema 4D.

Topics covered in this tutorial are:

Gimbal Lock: What It Is & How to Avoid It
Quaternion Expression
Align to Path Tag
Creating “Roving Keyframes” with the Constant Velocity Function
How to Loop/Repeat a Set of Keyframes

Hopefully after watching these quick tips, it’ll help you be a better animator in your day to day workflow!

Watch the Tutorial:

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  • Bram Bulkens

    Another quick solutions to the gimbal lock problem. Before animating the object, hit ALT+G to group it in a Null. After that you can easily animated the object the same way you wanted in the first place without any problems from within the group (not the group itself).

  • David

    I’m really grateful for your excellent tutorials. They’re always something special, stuff you can’t find anywhere else. You are a gifted teacher! Thanks again.

  • James

    Thanks for the tips. I am coming from After Effect, and they are really useful! 😀

  • Wesley

    So many thanks… this kind of tutorial is what is much needed, tuts with actually helpful tips, and not just “how-to-make-something”.

  • Ricardo Martínez

    Thanks for the amazing tutorials, I’ve been visiting your site for a week now I am very grateful for it, and your tuts are free! How awesome! If you could make one about modeling, that would be great!

  • Nehale

    How can one stagger keyframes like in AE