Essential Animation Tips for Cinema 4D: The Timeline

In this tutorial I’ll be covering a bunch of helpful functions, features, and shortcut keys to enable you to be more efficient when animating and working in the timeline in Cinema 4D. A few of the topics that are covered in this tutorial are:

• Show and Hide menus to isolate object animation tracks
• Timeline Link View Options
• Folding Options
• Using View Filters to Show/Hide Specific Types of Animation Tracks
• Using the F-Curve Mode
• Numerous useful keyboard shortcuts

These are some of the features I use everyday that streamline my workflow and increase my productivity and I feel are important for any level of Cinema 4D artist to know!

Download My Custom Animation Layout


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  • Will

    Super useful tips, cheers. A mechanic I really like in after effects is using percentages for the ease in and outs (the window pops up when you alt-double click the keyframe). I find it more precise. Is this possible to do in cinema?

    • EJ Hassenfratz

      Thanks Will! You can do something similar, when you click on a keyframe you have the Left/Right Time & Value fields which you can manually enter in precise values in the Attribute window

      • Will

        Great stuff – thanks

  • Cheeseandegg

    Really useful thanks. Your tutorials are pitched just right, I’ve learned lots of helpful stuff from your site. The essentials animation tips are every bit as wholesome and useful as the more advanced tutorials. More please :)

    • EJ Hassenfratz

      Appreciate the kinds words! Thanks for checking it out!

  • Matt Wilson

    Awesome tutorials, I’ve just watched all your essentials, picked up loads of handy tricks and workflow techniques which will help out loads!

  • ten

    Another great tut, thanks EJ. This is the stuff no one else talks about, really useful !

  • colorblind90

    Always getting something useful out of essentials, cool stuff!

  • Manny

    Glad Vimeo finally uploaded your tutorial EJ! Thanks for making!