Create a Wavy Band Surface in Cinema 4D


In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the technique I came up with to recreate the nice, clean undulating bands in these spots:

RocknRoller Studios for The Sound of Deep House

WeAreSeventeen for Betfair

I’ll start off by showing you my thought process and my first two failed attempts and see how I finally came to discover how to recreate this look. Cinema 4D has an amazing amount of useful tools and I had to think outside of the box (or cube) to figure this one out!  The technique I demonstrate in this tutorial can be applied to many styles of mograph and hopefully helps you think out of the box next time you become stuck trying to figure out a technique!

UPDATE:  I’ve had a few Twitter buddies share their alternate methods of recreating this look that are very interesting; there’s no one way to do things!   Here are all the project files, including my project file using the method I demo’d in this tutorial.

Watch the Tutorial:

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  • adagory

    Hey really awesome tutorial! I am curious about how you light and render this scene?

  • Yasir Khan

    i cant see the ANGLE enabled in the tracer’s object tab..even when i select adaptive.
    Please help

  • Patrick

    Hello, very nice tutorial, Thank you! I learn a lot of from C4d mit your tutorial

  • Miguel Da Milanista (@MiguelSensacion)

    Fantastic Tutorial. Will be working on some work like this. Very inspirational

  • itay

    is there a way to make it spherical and not pure plane surface ?

  • Daniele Zanini (@Eyedea_vfx)

    Really nice tutorial! These tutorial is indeed very useful. I think it could be used as a matte for some nice transitions

    • eyedesyn

      Really nice idea there!

  • Charles J Williams

    Hey there Great tutorial. Anyway to make the video be able to go Full Screen?

    • eyedesyn

      Sorry about that! It’s enabled now!

  • Jason Nelson (@JasonANelson)

    Nevermind. I just went to your Vimeo channel and watched it there. Great stuff!

  • Jason Nelson (@JasonANelson)

    Any way to make this full screen? I don’t see the full screen icon anywhere.

  • David Saucedo

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks for the pointers. Glad you’re part of the GSG team now. Can’t wait to see more stuff.

    • eyedesyn

      Thanks very much, David! Happy to be part of the team!