Spinning Objects Along One Axis Using Dynamics in Cinema 4D

In a response to a question I was asked on Vimeo about how to spin objects on a single axis using dynamics, I go over a couple ways you can achieve this effect so the dynamics rotation looks realistic and can interact with real world physics and gravity. ¬†First, I’ll show you how to get a cube to spin on it’s edge and then show how to slow it down to a stop and topple over. ¬†Then I’ll demonstrate how you can get your logo or text have a cool, dramatic, and energetic spin reveal using dynamics on a logo made with Text Edge FX.

Check out Text Edge FX here.

Example Render:

  • Blake Wilberding

    Hey Great Tutorial! While I was messing around in the collision tab and I found that changing the shape to “Box” instead of the default you don’t need a connector object, assuming the axis is centered properly. Also messing with the size increment gets you some interesting results. Thanks again for sharing!

    • http://eyedesyn.wordpress.com eyedesyn

      Aha! Very nice find, Blake! I’ll have to mess around with that! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://itvteacher.wordpress.com itvteacher

    once again, LOVE the floor texture that was on the disc. nice tut!

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  • Lu

    A interesting way to use the connector
    Like the tut.

    Sweet and to the point.

    Thank you EJ : )

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